Vocabulary Questions Generator


During the summer of 2021, I spent a lot of my evenings studying for the GRE. I was especially struggling with vocabulary questions. Most of these questions are structured so that you are given a sentence with a word missing and must choose the correct word among five answer choices to logically complete the sentence. Although I tried to prepare by memorizing the definitions of words, I knew the best way to prepare would be to answer questions with the exact same structure as those on the exam. Unfortunately, there are a limited number of these questions available in test prep books. If I could get the most common GRE words and some example sentences using them, I could generate the questions myself.


First, I needed a list of words that commonly appear on the GRE. Thankfully, GraduateShotOnline has lists of over the 1300 most common GRE words. These are very easy to scrape using a tool like BeautifulSoup. Now that I had the words, I needed didactic sentences containing them like one would see in a dictionary. Companies like Webster's have APIs for their dictionaries, but they tend to either lack example sentences or require payment, which was not an option on my budget of nothing. Originially, I tried scraping the result of "define _____" from search engines. However, search engines purposely make their content hard to scrape to hinder competitors. Eventually I found DictionaryAPI.dev where I could get the same information one would see in an internet search without the difficulty or cost.

I wrote the API in Python and the frontend in React. One could query the API to get a random question and answer pair. If one clicked an answer choice button and it was correct, the button would turn red. Otherwise, the button would turn green.

Screenshot of VocabGREview app with a red incorrect answer choice and a
    green correct answer choice


I deployed the app to Heroku because it was free. This project was a really great way to make a useful study tool while getting more hands-on with React. In the future, I might add different "gamemodes" or more ways to see with which words are the most difficult for each user. You can try it out for yourself here and can look at the code in GitHub.